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The name AMORAS brings to mind the famous comic strip by the Flemish cartoonist Willy Vandersteen, where Suske and Wiske meet each other and have a series of adventures with the ghost Sus Antigoon. The Amoras project is unfolding in Sus Antigoon's birthplace but that is the sole link with the comic characters.
AMORAS is an acronym that stands for ‘Antwerpse Mechanische Ontwatering, Recyclage en Applicatie van Slib’ (Antwerp Mechanical Dewatering, Recycling and Application of Sludge). Against the background of this project the Flemish authorities and the Antwerp Port Authority are investing in a sustainable solution for the storage and processing of maintenance dredging material from the Port of Antwerp.
The operations got underway in 1 October 2008. The installations are scheduled to be operational in April 2011.